(주) 원애프터 건축사무소


Year: 2021
Venice Biennale Korean Pavillion 2020
Location: Arsenale, Venice & Arko Museum, Seoul

Role: Program Curator, Author
Photo Credit: Hansol Bae

As the first generation of digital-native architects, many millennials practicing today no longer consider architecture to be a discipline defined by a body of inherited knowledge, seeing it rather as a means to better understand the relationships between humans and their environment. Architecture has been unburdened from its imperative to provide shelter and is instead being mobilized as a set of operations that can reproduce, interrogate, exchange, and dismantle ideas about the world around us. Indeed, as traditional disciplinary borders disintegrate through the proliferation of open-source learning, new, yet to be defined, non-physical localities emerge.

The Talking Trees Project activates a network of young architecture collectives around the world to create original work on the topic of trees. The various teams are deployed to investigate this shared and familiar theme as a means to begin to map the new digital geography that has developed in the internet era through the similarities and differences that emerge in their work.

The Talking Trees teams include Perennial Commons, (ab)normal+, STUFF DESIGN, and ONE-AFTR, and cover investigations into networks, digital mapping of the trees outside the Korean Pavilion, architectural ethnographies, myth, oracle, Venice, global adjacencies, surfaces and textures, material research, field stations, apparatus, and points of intersection between science, nature, technology, and architecture.

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