(주) 원애프터 건축사무소


Year: 2019
Status: Built
Location: Seoul, Korea
Collaborator: David Heaton

Modern day urban citizens often seek escape from the sensory overload of everyday life. Inside the outside is a pavilion that provides a buffer between the visitors and their surroundings.

The pavilion guides visitors through the repeating fabric panels that filter the outside environment, muting the perception of the outside world into small viewing frames that allow for glimpses and micro-interactions to the public beyond.

The procession culminates when the visitor reaches the heart of the project. As the light comes through the oculus, it illuminates the gentle curvature of the interior. This small intimate space juxtaposes the feeling of protection created by being at the center and the vantage point that allows for a complete visual connection to the public. It essentially gives the visitors to have control over their connection to the public.

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