(주) 원애프터 건축사무소


Year: 2020
Winter Station
Location: Quebec, Canada

The genesis of architecture began from our need to preserve heat source. Now, walls have lost their primary function as thermal insulators and became a symbol of barriers towards individuals, ethnic groups, and even nations.

The Light Hearth returns to architecture’s elemental qualities of providing thermal comfort. Polycarbonate and vinyl strips clad the pavilion to allow light to transmit through while effectively retaining the heat. Seven wooden cubes wrapped in reflective mylar film are used as seats and planters while increasing the heat level through their reflections. The use of sunlight as the primary source of heat and varying degrees of transparency of the two materials provides visitors with layers of thermal comfort and chromatic shadow and light both inside and outside. The materials used can be easily disassembled and upcycled to a greenhouse for Toronto’s urban farm.

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