(주) 원애프터 건축사무소


Year: 2023
Seoul Maru Public Intervention
Winning Entry
Location: Seoul, Korea
Photo Credit: Jang Mi
Project Team: Joon Ma, Ryu Ahn, Yoonha Lee 

“Sikbang Maru” transforms a greenhouse designed for plants into a versatile space for people, offering diverse experiences by manipulating environmental conditions.

Inside the pavilion, “Sikbang Maru” integrates four unique zones within the six connected bays. The hall, spanning two bays, features a white shade mesh, creating an inviting shaded area. In the center, a single bay houses the greenhouse,
with an eight-meter-long linear garden enclosed in
translucent film. The adjacent bay hosts a meditation space enclosed in a blackout burgundy-colored waterproof tarp, offering a tranquil escape from Seoul’s bustling streets. Finally, the entrance lobby, spanning two bays, is wrapped in insulated yet light-transmitting fabric, extending a warm
welcome to visitors.

“Sikbang Maru” introduces an affordable, accessible, and versatile system that highlights architecture’s role in controlling and enhancing our environment. Most importantly, it provides an inclusive public space capable of offering unique
experiences through varied atmospheric environments.

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