Gastro Circuit is a crafted private kitchen studio designed to cater to groups of up to 12 guests, featuring a dynamic lineup of rotating chefs. Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a dimly lit corridor adorned with custom-made square wooden tiles. Midway through the corridor, waist-level long and short windows offer a glimpse into the space that awaits.

As guests progress along this corridor, they are welcomed into a well-lit waiting area, bathed in the gentle radiance emanating from an integrated polycarbonate structure. This architectural element serves a dual purpose, delineating the transition between the corridor and the dining room while providing a central focal point within this environment.

A soft curtain beckons, slightly hinting at the dining room behind. Positioned at the very heart of the circuit, this space artfully combines materials reflective of each section—the corridor, the welcoming area, the dining room, and the kitchen. Here, industrial elements such as polycarbonate and stainless steel are integrated with earthy materials like wood and gravel, resulting in a unique ambiance that melds both rustic and urban aesthetics. The room's walls gently slant inward, directing focus to the centerpiece dining table. As diners take their seats, the once-distant long window from their initial entry now rests at eye level, subtly tracing the path that brought them to this dining destination.

At the farthest reach of the room, the kitchen stands apart with its distinctive reflective stainless steel walls, distinguishing it from the adjacent dining area. As the meal concludes, patrons make their exit through the kitchen, re-entering the corridor at its opposite end, thus completing the circuit.

Status: Built, 2023
Location: Seoul, Korea
Photo Credit: Jang Mi

featured: archdaily