Looking about is an apparatus that reimagines the spatial interface among the built object, trees on Paseo Del Ebro, and humans by positioning the three in and around each other.

COVID-19 has revealed our appreciation for the outdoors and plant life, but most importantly, a need for a renewed understanding among nature, the built environment, and humans. Looking About presents an alternative vantage point to how humans can interact with the existing natural environment through a careful yet playful interplay between Paseo Fermin Manso De Zuniga’s trees and the three pavilions.

Placing the existing trees as the anchor for both experiential and structural interaction, each pavilion sits, lies, and stands on site. All three pavilions use the same modular system consisting of plywood and 2x4 but differentiate the experience with the anchoring tree through apertures, overlay of materials, and the positioning of the pavilions. Trees that function as an anchor are wrapped with straw mats as protection. As the visitors meander through and pause in each pavilion, they will see an alternative sight of the trees in relation to the city of Logrono.

Status: Schematic Design, 2021
Client: Concéntrico
Location: Logrono, Sprain