Our grounds that we build on are manipulated to either hide what's beneath or to create new life above. In building a pavilion on a park that once was a landfill site, Ourhouse combines building elements (floor, wall, and roof) with natural elements (earth, rocks, and plants) to create space where humans, buildings, and natural elements can co-exist.

Two earth walls create paths and zones for humans to walk on, with grass growing on them. A timber frame roof provides shade and varied lighting. Visitors can observe changes in environments and atmospheres as they walk through and around the site.

In essence, designing a garden is akin to creating a home for plants. However, in today's world, it should also serve as a testament to how plants can  coexist with humans and the built environment.

Status: Schematic Design, 2023
Client: Seoul Garden
Design Team: Joon Ma, Ryu Ahn, Joshua Poka