Buildings are typically static structures once they’re erected. But what if buildings could don a piece of clothing—a jacket or a skirt—to regulate temperature, stay trendy, and adapt to their surroundings?

Un Veil is an installation designed to outfit the rear walls of buildings, transforming the atmosphere and environment of underutilized spaces. Utilizing translucent ripstop nylon, a material commonly found in summer athletic wear for its porosity and lightness, this large veil activates the barren back ends of buildings, offering space for pop-ups, public events, and everyday use. The translucency and texture of the fabric create colorful, patterned shadows on the rear walls.

Un Veil is androgynous and versatile —suited for both day and night, heat and rain, and for a picnic and a gala.

Status: Schematic Design, 2024
Location: Miami, USA
Client: Design Miami
Design Team: Joon Ma, Ryu Ahn, Yoonha Lee